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The Tassel & Fringe Low Tops stands for the epitome of quality in design. Monocolored uppers have been used to emphasize the premium composition of each shoe. Yves Carter Studios uses this season's summer inspired slip-on series to bring a new energy and explore the season's bright undertones through vivid designs. The low top loafers will keep you cool and comfortable during warm weather. Pastels feels very intuitive for spring, but with a growing focus on transseasonal designs, as well as the enduring popularity of this colour, will keep it relevant all year round.

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The White Series

Mid Top - Electric WhiteMid Top - Electric White
On sale

Mid Top - Electric White

€89,50 €179
Low Top - Elevated WhiteLow Top - Elevated White
On sale

Low Top - Elevated White

€89,50 €179
Runner - Optic WhiteRunner - Optic White
On sale

Runner - Optic White

€99,50 €199

New Mythologies

Finding fresh meaning in ancient wisdom amid an uncertain world. How do we make sense of a world that is splintering around us? The YCS new mythologies collection explores the value of looking to the past to inform the future. During the current pandemic, people’s attitude and behaviour is shifting, and their emotional response to the crisis will influence their colour choices in the future. Nature-inspired colours and earth tones will continue for this season, as they feel restful and calming to a person navigating a challenging world. People will be prioritizing the provenance of their purchases and looking for items they can keep for a lifetime, not just a season. In this direction, bigger is not always better, and the new is no more valuable than the old. Yves carter studios’ transseasonal aesthetics will go hand-in-hand with a focus on longevity, perennial materials and a 'buying less, but better' ethos 

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