The Pursuit of Perfection

Sometimes, the pursuit of perfection brings us to places, we never knew existed. It causes us to innovate, experiment and even get downright creative. That, for a company which specialises in design, is not a bad thing. The quest for the perfect pair of handmade leather sneakers has led to led to the creation of a unique product. Crafted by the Portuguese artisan from premium Italian leather, this is the signature product of the Yves Carter company. That product is the genuine hand-crafted training shoe from Portugal, made from the finest Italian leather.

Italian Designer Trainers

When it comes to stylish shoes for men, Italian leather sneakers for men have always had a definite edge. It’s not difficult to see what makes Italian sneakers mens favourite choice when it comes to designer casual chic. The innate beauty and strength of the leather, coupled with the stylish, unique design gives the product a unique look and feel. So if you take premium Italian quality leather and combine it with dedicated Portuguese craftsmanship, you’d be right in assuming you have a product which is truly unique. An absolute fusion of perfection. Whether the product is worn for sports, casual or even office wear.

Suede Sneakers

If leather sneakers are unique in style and appearance, the suede variety is in no way less unique. The soft exterior of suede conceals inner strength and toughness in a way which is intriguingly attractive. Suede is another variety of leather in any case. Actually, the versatility of leather is impressive. Several looks from which to choose in one premium product. The wearer’s choice absolutely. That’s probably what makes suede trainers mens choice for style and strength. They exude understated power, casual yet very definitely authoritative.

A Change Of Course

Italy has been the home of stylish footwear. There hasn’t really been a reason to change that. But there’s an innovative change of direction in the current scenario. Premium Italian leather is still a prominent feature, but the handmade footwear of Yves Carter company, while utilizing the prized component of Italian leather, have placed the manufacturing site of their top quality footwear to the west of the Iberian Peninsula. So the item is designed in-house at the Yves Carter Headquarters in the Netherlands. And, as mentioned earlier, it’s handcrafted from premium Italian leather by Portuguese artisans in their workshop.

The Special Attraction Of The Handcrafted Item

Handcrafted items are special. They stand out in an era of mass-produced sameness. To own a pair of handcrafted shoes is to feel privileged and special. Let’s learn a little more about the factory where these items are individually crafted.

The Factory

The product is individually handcrafted in the workshop of a factory in The North of Portugal, which was founded in 2003. The factory is owned and run by a family business which is dedicated to preserving the traditional skill of hands-on shoemaking. The products are crafted by hand, yet at the same time, modern, innovational tools are utilised in their production. The factory staff is highly dedicated and motivated, producing each individual product with full dedication and meticulous attention to detail. The result is a prized product which any owner of discerning good taste would be proud to call his own.

Handmade Trainers

Runner or low top, the trainer makes an unmistakable style statement. It may have served a purpose till now, as a sports accessory. However, style is a valid function of the sneaker today. Far from accentuating the casual, it stresses a sense of strength and authority, a sense that the wearer doesn’t need to dress in boardroom style to exude that sense of strength and authority. So our can be worn with pride, confident that while wearing these, one is making exactly the right impression. But also, remember that our trainers, with our specially designed soles, are supporting you as you go about your business. The business of work, leisure and relationships. You couldn’t wear better footwear than this especially designed, handmade Italian creation. High fashion, practical functionality and unique craftsmanship all fused into one, unique product.