How to take care of your Yves Carter shoes

Once you have chosen your dream pair of Yves Carter shoes, it is crucial to take care of them properly. When looked after correctly, Yves Carter footwear will last for decades. The following tips on wearing, storing, cleaning and treating each suede, nappa or artisan leather shoe from our collection will help you to get the most out of these designer Italian products.

Proper storage for your designer footwear

Whether you have opted for a low top or a runner design from the Yves Carter catalogue, it is so important to store your new products carefully. Covered storage is always best as it prevents dust from settling on the leather and infiltrating any fabric elements. Storage in a dry location is a must, as excess humidity can cause mould to grow in the leather, staining and even seriously damaging it. Many fashion lovers will place a specially shaped wooden block (known as a ‘tree’) inside each shoe, to help it to retain its shape when it is not being worn for long periods of time. This can really help to stop the uppers from collapsing and to provide extra protection for the inner parts.

Regular cleaning with the right products

Cleaning should be performed very regularly – and it should be done as soon as possible. It is advisable to carry a cloth and some cleaning products with you in your bag so that if you notice any specks of mud or dust, you can deal with them quickly before they become engrained and harder to remove. Purchase cleaning products that are specially designed for the material – be it suede or nappa – for the best results.

Moisturise and polish for a supple shoe

The artisan hide used to create all of Yves Carter’s products needs to be cared for in much the same way as you would care for your skin. It has pores, and it responds positively to the right amounts of moisture. Thus, it needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the pores from becoming blocked and it needs to be moisturised too to ensure that it stays nice and supple. Again, purchase a moisturiser that is designed to work with the specific material that the Yves Carter craftspeople have chosen: it is easy to find special moisturisers for suede, for example. If the moisturiser comes in the form of a spray, simply spray a small amount over the suede surface. Do not over-moisturise, though, as this can cause stains and also create a humid environment that encourages the growth of mould and eventually promote rot. Finish things off with a touch of polish for nappa, which will bring out the shine in the treated uppers.

A waterproofing or weatherproofing spray

Applying a spray like this thoroughly as soon as you unbox your Yves Carter purchases will provide you with long lasting protection from rain, accidental splashes and cold weather that would otherwise cause staining, weaknesses and cracks. These sprays only need to be repeated once a year, though if your Yves Carter purchase experiences any wear and tear in the meantime, it is a good idea to apply some additional spray over any repairs as soon as they have been performed so that the weatherproof sealant can do its job perfectly.

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Repair as soon as necessary

It goes without saying that these products are designed to last. But, if due to an unforeseen circumstance you do notice any small tears or abrasions, it is essential to have them repaired by a professional cobbler as soon as possible before they become bigger problems.

Wearing for longer lasting footwear

The way that you walk can impact significantly on your Yves Carter purchases. Shuffling or scraping your feet along the ground can quickly cause wear and tear to the soles of your shoes. If you find it hard to adapt your walking style, it is a good idea to have the soles reinforced. In addition, if you walk in a way that puts more pressure on one side of the foot than the other and you find it difficult to adapt your walking style, it is a good idea to have the sole built up on the side that will be bearing the additional pressure, to ensure that your feet stay healthy and your soles last as long as possible.