How are Yves Carter Studio’s sneakers different to any other high end shoe brands?

All of Yves Carter Studios shoes are created through experimentation and creativity to design flawless sneakers for men. We take the style of the traditional sneaker and add a touch of class with high quality Italian leather and sophisticated surface textures. All our sneakers are handmade in limited batches, and the soles are fabricated in Portugal using only lavish Italian leather. We care about the quality of our luxury mens shoes and we strive to create contemporary and innovative designs that are both high fashion sneakers, as well as practical ones. We take a lot of our inspiration from natural textures such as the movement and rippling of the sea and also from the rugged ground and the harshness of the rocky landscape. However, we also incorporate contemporary and industrial enthused designs by investigating modern concepts and structures such as aerodynamics, cars and tyre tracks. This allows us to create products that are practical on all types of terrain whether smooth or rough, and we have experimented with streamlines and dynamics to ensure our luxury shoe brand is perfect for speed, sport and style.

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What makes our soles so unique?

We use two designs of sole on our handmade leather sneakers. Our Low Top range has a slim sole which is elegantly textured to create a sleek and minimal finish. The ‘YCS’ soles are custom made, and hand-crafted which means the quality is outstanding. Not only are they durable rubber, but they are also lightweight with innovative styles inspired by aerodynamics. The soles were first made out of clay, and this is made clear through the flawless finish of the soles and the sleek edges of the design. On the other hand, the heel cap sole of our Runner sneakers is designed for use on a rugged terrain. Also created by Yves Carter Studios, these soles are custom produced from start to finish, which allows them to be crafted with the highest quality and precision, thus complying to the best standards. Our process is entirely hand-crafted and we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our suede trainers mens. These soles were inspired by hiking, with a tread pattern enthused from that of snow tires, which allows a firm grip and durability on the most uneven ground. This rugged design smooth’s out into an athletic runner at the tip, so the sneaker has a streamlined shape. For a comfortable fit, there is a cap at the heel of the shoe, which cups the heel, thus allowing the shoe to lock onto the foot and hold it in place. This makes for a lightweight yet supported sole, specifically designed for an active lifestyle.

What are the designs on offer?

Our high fashion sneakers come in two designs: The Low Top and the Runner. Each have a different purpose so you can pair our handmade leather sneakers with anything. The Low Top Slate are the perfect mens black leather sneakers with their sleek and comfortable design which is not only classy, but also high in quality. If you would prefer something a little more rugged, try our Runner Aster design. This design has been inspired by deep-sea textures, which encouraged our use of oversized mesh patterns, rendering the navy suede shoes breathable and lightweight for everyday and active use. The ripples of waves have also inspired the outsoles and uppers of these classic yet cool Runner designs. The Runner Aster, Runner Ash, and Runner Taupe are all solid colour sneakers which are ideal for classy but casual appearances, and subtle looks. However, for a more colourful addition to your ensemble, try the Runner Ochre, Runner Pine, or Runner Plaster. The unique blend of colours boasts the rippling inspiration of our mens suede lace up shoes. The luxury Italian leather used in the sneakers provide a comfortable fit, and the streamlined shape paired with the lightweight soles are perfect for running or a contemporary sporty appearance.