Meet our Leathers

We source our leathers with carefully selected strategic tanneries in Italy.
 Our partnerships with suppliers are built over long periods of time and our partners subscribe to our corporate social responsibility commitments. Our premium leather selection for he creative manisfesto collection is a result of long-term sourcing of high quality leathers. Our leathers our durable, tear resistant and resilient. Made with the best materials, we make sure you can wear our shoes on a daily basis, on every surface. The two most significant and used leathers in the FW18 collection are Nubuck and Nappa. 



Nubuck leather

Nubucks have been processed and buffed on the grain side of the leather hide (the more durable side of a hide). This results in a premium appearance and offers a soft velvety effect and is still known for its hard-wearing quality.






















Nappa Leather 

A distinctively soft and supple leather that covers a big part of creative manifesto collection is called Nappa. Special attention is paid tot he softness of the nappa during tanning. Full-grain Nappa is a very soft and flexibel leather with a pleasant touch. Nappa because more attractive through wear and use, and this gives it a personal note.