Reconstructed Legacy

Zero Compromise Footwear

In times of uncertainty, the past can have a powerful allure. The new Yves Carter Studios’ FW20 Reconstructed Legacy collection explores how shoes will be reinterpret for the future in a more sustainable way. The Reconstructed Legacy collection embraces meaningful designs with sentimental appeal. Enhanced neutrals will gain importance this FW20 season, taking the form of rich earthy and dark tones.

Yves Carter Studios uses this season's tech-inspired Monochrome series to bring a new energy and explore the season's dark undertones through protective inspired designs. Black feels very intuitive for winter, but with a growing focus on transseasonal designs, as well as the enduring popularity of this classic colour, will keep it relevant all year round.

Transparency and traceability will be a major focus for YCS’ future, and investment in ethical, recyclable, eco-friendly materials and processes for Yves Carter Studios are a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. As consumers gain a greater awareness of environmental issues and the harsh chemical processes that go into leather tanning, there will be a greater demand for transparency. Yves Carter Studios minimise leather's environmental impact through cleaner processes and responsible sourcing.

Sustainability is a key focus, with the Reconstructed Legacy collection conceived for the long term and designs that stand the test of time are key. YCS’ has developed one-of-a- kind silhouettes and invested in natural materials. Regardless of what form the remix takes, these designs will be underpinned by an inherent sense of value and longevity. The focus will be on making better, not more, as sustainability becomes a more urgent issue.