Yves Carter Studios launches the new Spring Summer 2020 ‘Softly Sculpted’ collection with new surfaces and textures. The 10th collection has an optimistic, vital appearance with a characteristic focus on rich artificial and natural tones. The finest in contemporary sneakers - From day one, the ethos of our brand has always been to create without boundaries or limits. The ‘Softly Sculpted’ collection sees a move towards refinement and minimalism for men's footwear, as an antidote to the oversaturation of the multilayered sneaker. Refined-casual hybrid styles gain in popularity as the consumer shifts towards buying fewer products with more versatility. YCS footwear colours for S/S 20 follow on with a palette split into two parts – artifificial and natural. While tones can be mixed freely between both parts, this split reflects the duality of a world where we will continue to live increasingly online, but also be more drawn to nature as we seek to disconnect, and rise to the challenges of sustainability. Artificial hues are designed for a digital age, where tones need to pop on screen as much as they do in real life. Yves Carter Studios uses aquatic blues, greens, reds and yellows to focus on key seasonal tones which will introduce a new vibrancy to its SS20 men's collection. Yves Carter Studios’ core colours are the enhanced natural toneswhich have a muted quality and the presence of darks also highlights the growing importance of transseasonal tones. The minimalist SS20 silhouettes are the ultimate in sophisticated luxury. With no superfluous detailing, these unstructured, refined models take on a high level of comfort and offer the consumer practicality and versatility, whether at home, at rest, or at work.