The Great Indoors & Expanding Outdoors

None of us will forget 2020. It’s been a year of challenges and contradictions. Life has slowed in some ways, with lockdowns offering for many an appreciation of simpler homebound pleasures but trends have accelerated. Our new Euphoric collection can help you navigate the changes ahead. The Yves Carter Studios Euphoric Fall-Winter 2021 collection explores the power of design to boost moods and incite positivity: The recession-proof collection for a post-pandemic world.

The home will increasingly offer a sanctuary space from the uncertainty of the outside world. We have focused on the home as a hub for work, rest and play with lounge footwear that offers comfort and enhance cocooning. As consumers spend more time and money on outdoor lifestyles and pursuits, we have added protective elements for outdoor activities to our new styles. They will also be seeking more affordable versions of once-luxury treats, so we have done just that; for our new collection we offer more accessible price points and extended the appeal of everyday decadence with luxurious details.

Key influences for our men's FW 21 color palette include an overarching need for healing, a new appreciation of nature and an evolving shift into the virtual world. Following the turbulence of 2020 and 2021, an investment in colors that offer small pleasures and boost mental wellness will be a new priority. Key color cocoa shell and uplifting ginger biscuit are key examples of this renewed focus on restorative colour. We capitalize on the continuing popularity of brown and introduce both dark and tan-nuanced shades. Invest in rich greens, transforming greys and elemental blues to reflect a move to more time spent outdoors and a new-found appreciation of nature.