The Resort Collection

After a period of constraint, get ready to embrace indulgent and joyful designs featuring bold new styles and colors – perfect for vacation and staycation styles with Yves Carter Studios’ new Resort Footwear Collection.

As the world emerges from the disruption and constraints of the pandemic, color will become a symbol of self-expression, optimism and balance. With current vacations not on hold anymore, expect our new 2022 summer styles to be a celebratory mix of color to create an uplifting mood for city dwellers and holidaymakers.

As the world looks set to emerge from the grip of the pandemic, our new collective interest in nature and holistic living will live on through serene resorts vacations, nature walks and other mindful practices. We have looked to the more serene, earthy side of resort culture to create an easy-to-wear SS22 collection palette that fuses ongoing interest in the outdoors with a fresh approach to comfort.

As peoples favor mood-boosting designs, that tap into the expressive aesthetic of the YCS Resort theme; We introduce our new fully knitted vegan Mid Tops that are reframed for the eco-conscious consumer, working with long-lasting recycled materials and without any animal components.

As seaside and country staycations rise in popularity amid changeable travel restrictions, we have designed new shoes that incorporates nature via earthy tones, recycled yarns, dye techniques, and sustainable cotton mesh and toweling lining.

Hyper-functional details and joyful accents come into sharp focus for this SS22 resort collection, as we prioritize purchases that are either uplifting or versatile such as our new formal slippers. We prioritize on formal slippers and mule sliders as they work well as a hybrid between indoors and outdoors. Our easy-to-wear shoes will be in demand as the boundaries between home and outside life continue to blur.

Discover the new Yves Carter Studios SS22 Resort Collection to experience the nostalgic holiday mood with a contemporary appeal.