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Crafted in Portugal From Italian Leather

The Pursuit of Perfection Sometimes, the pursuit of perfection brings us to places, we never knew existed. It causes us to innovate, experiment and even get downright creative. That, for a company which specialises in design, is not a bad thing. The quest for the perfect pair of handmade leather sneakers has led to led to the creation of a unique product. Crafted by the Portuguese artisan from premium Italian leather, this is the signature product of the Yves Carter company. That product is the genuine hand-crafted training shoe from Portugal, made from the finest Italian leather. Italian Designer Trainers When it comes to stylish shoes for men, Italian leather sneakers for men have always had a definite edge. It’s not difficult to see what makes Italian sneakers mens favourite choice when it comes to designer casual chic. The innate…
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How to keep your YCS sneakers clean

How to take care of your Yves Carter shoes Once you have chosen your dream pair of Yves Carter shoes, it is crucial to take care of them properly. When looked after correctly, Yves Carter footwear will last for decades. The following tips on wearing, storing, cleaning and treating each suede, nappa or artisan leather shoe from our collection will help you to get the most out of these designer Italian products. Proper storage for your designer footwear Whether you have opted for a low top or a runner design from the Yves Carter catalogue, it is so important to store your new products carefully. Covered storage is always best as it prevents dust from settling on the leather and infiltrating any fabric elements. Storage in a dry location is a must, as excess humidity can cause mould to grow…
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Luxury Men’s Sneakers

How are Yves Carter Studio’s sneakers different to any other high end shoe brands? All of Yves Carter Studios shoes are created through experimentation and creativity to design flawless sneakers for men. We take the style of the traditional sneaker and add a touch of class with high quality Italian leather and sophisticated surface textures. All our sneakers are handmade in limited batches, and the soles are fabricated in Portugal using only lavish Italian leather. We care about the quality of our luxury mens shoes and we strive to create contemporary and innovative designs that are both high fashion sneakers, as well as practical ones. We take a lot of our inspiration from natural textures such as the movement and rippling of the sea and also from the rugged ground and the harshness of the rocky landscape. However, we also incorporate…
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