Experimentation, craftsmanship and fusion are the distinctive features of the Yves Carter Studios collections. It’s a revolutionary approach which allows the originality of Yves Carter Studios to emerge, a brand which has made effortless elegance its distinguishing feature. Yves Carter Studios made the values of the sneaker culture its own: values such as authenticity, a constantly innovative and at times rebellious spirit, and the ability to interpret contemporary life in a very clear way. Combining the street sensibility of European sneaker culture with the hand-stitched quality of Portuguese construction, Yves Carter Studios proposes a hybrid of sophisticated and contemporary styles adapted to today’s creative lifestyle. Yves Carter Studios’ minimalist yet timeless men’s low tops are eclectically suited to formal-wear and street-wear alike. Every pair of Yves Carter Studios shoes is designed in-house and is made in limited numbers by skilled artisans using the finest Italian leathers ensuring the highest quality possible.