We do our very best to create beautiful shoes that last but to get the most out of them they need to be loved and cared for. Maximizing the life of our shoes through proper care reduces the need to buy more over time and is the single most effective way to minimize consumption. All our shoes are handmade in Portugal, we work with a small workshop specialized in luxury footwear for over 30 years. We use leathers such as nappa leather but also suede and nubuck. All our skins come from Premium Italian tanneries. Our leathers are treated with respect for nature and a focus on the tanning process for a better respect of the environment as well as optimum quality.
Caring for leather
Leather is a living material that molds itself to the wearer. Care and maintenance will make your shoes even more comfortable and help them last longer. However, different types of leather require different types of care. More porous leather such as suede and nubuck should not be lubricated at all, while more sturdy leather need lubrication to withstand moisture and wear. Because leather is a natural material each hide is unique; there are small marks and color variations, and different parts have varying degrees of elastic. Our craftsmen know to take advantage of these qualities in order to make a shoes with the best possible fit. Shoes that follow the foot’s movement completely naturally, a bit like a second skin.  
Dry carefully
Dry leather shoes at room temperature. Avoid open flame, radiators and tumble driers because strong heat can dry out and damage the material. Preferably dry in an upright position. Our shoes have a removable insole, they dry faster when the insole is taken out. The removable insoles are also easy to clean. 
Avoid water and sources of heat.
Our shoes are made from premium leather that is dyed all the way through for superior dept of color and feel. As a result, they are sensitive to moisture, which can leave dark stains on the leather. If they get wet, dry them at room temperature, keeping them away for the heat. Heat can cause the leather to dry out and become stiff. If dark stains appear, try rubbing them carefully with a soft cloth, the stain will usually disappear. 
Wash sparingly
Leather shoes should not be washed often, because washing depletes the leather of its natural protective substances. First, clean them with a light moistened cloth or in case of a porous leather such as suede or nubuck brush it lightly with a suede brush. 
To extend your shoe's life, we advise you to waterproof it with a spray adapted to your shoes’ leather, especially for suede and nubuck shoes. (Suede and nubuck should not be lubricated). If you intend to waterproof your shoes, take the time to carefully choose a product adapted to its leather. The best is to ask your shoemaker. It is important to note that even waterproofed, it is preferable not to use your products in rainy weather. Prolonged exposure to a strong light source (sun or artificial light) may alter the color of the leather over time. We advise you to put your product in a dustbag when you are not using it.
Alternate between several pairs
Our shoes are made from exclusive natural materials. To keep them in top condition, they must dry completely between wears, because damp materials wears out faster than dry material. One tip is to alternate between at least two pairs of shoes in order to let  them rest a day between uses. For better results, we also recommend that you stuff your shoes with paper or a shoe tree so that it keeps its original shape. This will give your favorite shoes a longer life. 
If you're not going to wear your shoes for a period, store in an upstairs living space. Do not store leather shoes in an attic, basement, or unheated area. Leather is susceptible to mold in damp basement areas and drying and cracking in hot areas like an attic.