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Yves Carter Studios Fall/Winter 2017 collection combines the refined with the rugged, and sees classic shoemaking skills fused with modern technological processes, offering a link between the past and present. Dress, casual, and active shapes are combined: designs focus on multifunctional and multiseasonal styling, in line with the rise of transitional footwear. Functionality remains an integral feature across upper, insole and outsole components, adding durability and support, and premium-level materials remain just as important, focusing on new approaches to revamp essential active silhouettes. Materials offer multiple looks that work across multiple seasons. Finishes and treatments create protective surfaces, allowing designs to work harder and last longer. Distinctive designs reinforce a handmade quality, maintains a sense of individuality for men’s and, offering a range of contemporary looks in line with Yves Carter Studios experience.

Organic green tones are influenced by jungle undergrowth, offering a new take on utility drab, and providing an earthy balance. Colours such as Sand and Cool Clay are grounded by deep, earth-based tones, and offer a new richness for summer collections. Navy and Chocolate have new appeal: a new appreciation of dark tones sees intense Navy and Chocolate become modern alternatives to classic browns and blacks, Neutrals have a changeable appearance: neutrals become more layered and complicated for S/S 18, with changeable shades such as grey-toned Ivory, Sand and pale Smoke.

Surface textures are key: distinctive material treatments create rugged looks for low and mid shapes. Waxed and polished finishes are mixed with leather and suede surfaces, creating unusual directions for the season. Sophisticated perforated surfaces add unique styling to men’s key shapes. Oversized mesh textures take inspiration from organic deep-sea surfaces to provide breathable and lightweight styling for active and lifestyle designs. In line with the Yves Carter Studios philosophy, malleable suede surfaces provide core textures for low and mid styles. Rich and earthy tones absorb into the material, creating simple but luxurious finishes.

Sea ripples inspire formal and casual  uppers and outsoles. Soft ribber detailing offers a sense of tranquility in this intense trend and evolve in staple sneaker profiles with crepe soles and textural uppers. Rubber soles use ripples to create light and flexible shapes. Designs work with the natural motion of the foot and leg to reduce fatigue. As our desire for individual product grows, our footwear development has a handcrafted feel.

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